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“The mind is a wonderful obsession. It starts working the minute you are born and never stops until you get up to speak in public”

– Roscoe Drummond

In a democracy, policies come as a consequence to action taken against certain issues that are raised during the elections and throughout rule of party that comes into power. These solutions are never perfect and they need continuous evaluation and nexus establishment. It has been rightly said by Noam Chomsky, “there’s a tremendous gap between public opinion and public policy” and we at Prastaav are committed to narrow this gap through research and education. We follow the idea of Einstein to get into the core thinking of policy that was used while creating it. As Center for Research and Education, for us research is like solemn inquisitiveness as it defines and cuts – down the barriers between idea and it’s on ground implementation. Emerging as a project to expand the scope of research and education field of public policy, we are policy think tank unswerving to provide one – stop platform for bringing up policy suggestions. This platform not only follows the doctrinal research methodology, but also adds on non – doctrinal innovations to expand the scope of  different policy domains. Our methodology is based on principle that, “best policy can be made only when people impacted through it get involved in its making process.”

As name itself reflects, PRASTAAV focuses not merely on appraisal of existing policies but also putting forth and/or provide suggestions to improve them. Further, The Policy Hub provides opportunity for young and fresh minds to carry out their passion for public policy and put into practice their research and innovative skills. We have a dedicated Board of Advisors comprising of Senior Domain Experts, Mentors as well as Young Mentors to guide us with their experience and provide suggestions for working more efficiently as well as keep ourselves updated. We aspire to make this platform a universal hub for Policy Research and Education.